Safety Sitem keamanaan All New Avanza yang Bisa

Sistem Keamanan Toyota New Avanza


Antilock Braking System (ABS) - (Type Veloz)

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ABS prevents wheel lock for easy control when braking on wet roads.

Sensor Parking (Type G 1300&1500, Veloz)

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Ultrasonic sensor to maintain a safe distance when parking.

Collapsible Steering Column (Semua Type)
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Steering stem is designed specifically to protect drivers from injury in a collision.

 GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) Body - (All Type)
GOA body structure effectively protect passengers from injury when the accident occurred.

Rear Spoiler with HighMount Stop Lamp (Type G 1300&1500, Veloz)
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With high-mounted stop lamp braking can be easily seen by other drivers behind you.
Rear Wiper (Type G 1300&1500, Veloz)

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Rear Wiper and defogger provides a clear view when the weather is rainy and foggy.

Seat belts in every seat passenger (All Type)

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Safety belts as a safety in the first row, second, third and passenger seats provide extra security and comfort.

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